PST File Repair Tool For Outlook

Outlook Repair

Microsoft Outlook Repair Tool

Microsoft Outlook is a widely preferred email client due to its flexibility and user-friendly features it has. Microsoft Outlook comes as a part of the Microsoft Office suite. This not only allows you to manage emails, but also calendars and tasks.

Outlook saves the email messages in the format of PST files. Information on an email message is stored in the PST files. Hence, when there is a corruption in a PST file, it has an adverse effect on Outlook so that you would not be able to even launch the program. This is a major concern for people who work on the email client every day. Moreover, as Outlook used in the organization, if there are issues due to PST file corruption, it leads to huge economic loss.

Some of the reasons for PST file corruption

  • When errors occur during the compact operation, it leads to severe damages to the email messages in Outlook.
  • Another reason for the PST file and Outlook email corruption is the presence of virus.
  • There might be compatibility issues, when the Outlook is being updated from an older version to a newer version.
  • When you shutdown the computer improperly, this might also account to email and PST file corruption in Outlook.

The best part is the Outlook comes with an Outlook repair tool that can be used in such cases. This would look for issues and repair any damages in the Outlook. There is an advanced version of the PST file repair tool that is better than the Scanpst provided by Microsoft.

Different steps to restore Outlook

  • Begin by downloading the trial version of the PST file repair tool and repair the corrupt files with the easy steps stated below.

    Email Messages

    PST Repair Tool

  • Open the PST repair tool. As soon as you open it, on the main screen, there would be three options.
  • If you are aware of the location of the PST file then select the Open PST File option.
  • To find the PST files in case you are not sure of the location, then select Find PST file.
  • Choose the option Select Outlook Profile, if there are many profiles in Outlook.
  • Select any of the scan options, which list down all the issues. Now click on Repair to repair all the issues.
  • Once the process is over, the Outlook repair tool would display all the activities done during repair.

With this, you would be able to recover all the corrupt emails safely.

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For Sending And Receiving Gmail Messages In Your Outlook Webmail Account

Outlook Email Setup

About Outlook Email Settings

The Outlook email service is relatively new when compared to the other webmail services like Gmail and Yahoo Mail. Yet Outlook email setup is very easy and takes only a few minutes. With Microsoft introducing many options and features from its MS Outlook email client, Outlook webmail now has many advanced features and options too.

Adding your other email accounts to Outlook webmail

It is possible to add other email accounts to Outlook webmail, so that you can send and receive messages via a single your Outlook account. This is very similar to the Outlook email setup options available in the desktop email client application. For example, you can add your Gmail account to Outlook webmail and start receiving Gmail messages to your Outlook account. Let us see how to do it.

Steps to follow

Log in to your Outlook webmail account as usual. There, click on the Settings button, which will be marked by a Gear icon. Clicking on this button will display a context menu, from which you will have to select the More Email Settings option.

This will open the Outlook email settings page for your account. There, select the option Managing Your Account to view even more options. Select the option Sending/Receiving Emails From Another Account. This will now launch a wizard for adding another account to your Outlook webmail. Just click on the option Add Another Account To Send From you see there, and provide you Gmail account information. Now, select Send Verification Email option to send a confirmation message to this Gmail account.

MS Outlook

Contact Outlook Support

Next, you will have to log in to your Gmail account and open this confirmation message in the inbox, there. Click on the link provided in the message to confirm adding of your Gmail account to Outlook webmail. This will redirect you to your Outlook webmail account.

That’s it! You have now successfully added your Gmail account to Outlook webmail for sending and receiving messages. From now on, your Google account will be displayed as one of the options in the From address field while creating a new email in Note that when you send the Gmail messages from the Outlook account in this manner, the recipient will see both your Outlook and Gmail IDs in the From address column of the message.

For more information about the different options and settings in Outlook webmail, call our Microsoft tech support team today.

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Removing The Bing Toolbar From Firefox

How To Remove Bing Toolbar

Removing Bing Toolbar

Web browsers are used to surf on the internet, and they sometimes work faster or better when you bring in some productive add-ons. Browser add-ons or extensions provide specific functionalities, and makes your surfing experience much more satisfying. Toolbars are one type of add-ons, which allows you to access functions like search, weather forecast, spyware protection, and the likes. Most third party toolbars can be installed by clicking on the respective download link offered online, without saving any additional file for that.

Bing bar

Bing is one of the many toolbars out there today. The Bing bar is a toolbar that you can add on to Internet Explorer or Firefox. You can launch an online search with a single click with Bing bar, and it performs other useful functions too, such as pop-ups and spyware blocking. Even though it is highly useful most of the time, this toolbar can be a bit annoying. This is mainly because it changes your home page and search engine settings automatically, when it is installed on the browser. This is why many users enquire how to remove Bing toolbar as soon as they notice the changes.

Getting rid of the Bing bar

Most times the installation happens without the user’s knowledge. What is to blame is that they do not pay attention to the prompts when installing a particular software. This software application will have the Bing toolbar bundled with it, which then is installed right alongside. Most people only figure out later that Bing toolbar has insinuated itself into their browser. The most common response to this is removing the PUP (potentially unwanted program).

How to remove Bing toolbar from Firefox

  • Launch Firefox, and go to the Tools menu at the top of the window.
  • From the Tools menu, select Add-ons.

    Spyware Protection

    Bing Toolbar Removal

  • Find the Bing toolbar among the listed entries, and click on the Uninstall button.
  • When you are asked to confirm, click on the Yes button to continue.
  • When done with the removal, close the Add-ons Manager, exit the browser, and re-launch it.

Sometimes the above procedure is not sufficient. You will find that the add-on lingers in your system despite the removal procedure you performed. The only way for a full-on expunction is using a separate uninstall tool. There are many options online to choose from, including tools meant specifically for removing Bing toolbar.

That was on how to remove Bing toolbar manually from Firefox. If the procedure given above does not work for you, call our tech support team and we will help you with the task.

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CES 2012 Playstation Vita First Look

Omnitech support presents you the first look on Playstation Vita from CES 2012. Check it out here:

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Retrieving Data From A Corrupt Data File In Outlook 2007

Outlook Repair

Outlook Repair Tool

Microsoft Outlook is the email manager program that is widely used by many around the world for managing their emails, contacts and calendars. Here we discuss simple instructions for retrieving the corrupted data files using the inbox repair tool (scanpst.exe).


  • If you are currently working with the Outlook email manager program, close it and then open the My Computer window by double clicking on its icon found in the desktop.
  • Now navigate to the OFFICE12 folder found in the Microsoft Office folder in the Program Files folder in the Local Disk C. in the OFFICE12 folder, look for the file named as Scanpst.exe by scrolling down and double clicking on it when found.
  • A new window will now appear on the screen, click on the Browse button found in the window and the select the Outlook data files that you would like to retrieve using the Outlook repair program.
  • After selecting the files, click on the button labeled as Start to scan the files for errors and corruptions. The time required for this process may differ according to the size of the data files you have selected.
  • When the scan process completes, the program will show you all the errors it found with the data file that you have selected. Click on the button labeled as Repair found in the window for fixing all the errors. This process also may take a long time to complete according to the size of the data files.

    Inbox Repair Tool

    Repair Outlook

  • When the Outlook repair program finishes the repair process, open the Outlook email manager program by double clicking on its icon in the desktop.
  • Click on the Go menu found at the top of the window and then select the option labeled as Folder List. To see all the recovered emails and data, click on the folder labeled as Recovered Personal Folders found at the left side of the window. Sometimes, it is named as Lost and Found so look for both folders and click on the one at the left side of the application. You will be able to see all the recovered files in the folder.

If you follow the simple instructions given above, you will be able to retrieve the corrupt data files in the Outlook program. However if you are not able to retrieve the files completely, get a professional repair tool.

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