Procedure To Repair An Offline Folder File In Microsoft Outlook

Outlook Repair

In case you receive error messages while synchronizing your Offline folder file in Microsoft Office Outlook using your mailbox on a Microsoft Exchange Server, it is best that you use an Offline Storage Table Integrity Check tool (we are talking about the ‘Scanost.exe’) for checking your file. You need to connect your Exchange server so as to work the tool. Using this tool, you will be able to scan your mailbox folders and items.

In case you have previously setup Outlook for automatically staring offline, the Offline Storage Table Integrity Check tool will not be able to access your Exchange Server. So, before you run the tool, you require temporarily changing your startup settings. Another thing, for the Outlook repair, the OST Integrity Check repair tool is not included with Outlook 2010/2013; so, you need to download it.

Here are the steps to repair the OST file:

  • Now, first you need to stop Outlook from running. So, stop the process.
  • Then, you need to double-click on ‘exe’. You will need to locate it at ‘C drive:\ Program Files\ Microsoft Office \OFFICE12′ or ‘C drive:\ Program Files \Common Files\ System\ MSMAPI\ LocaleID’ folder. Now in this, LocaleID means Locale Identifier (LCID) for the installation of Microsoft Office. Now, you need to note that the LCID for English – United States is 1033.
  • In case you require setting up Outlook to prompt for a profile, you will see that the tool will also prompt you for one. In the Profile Name list, you need to click on the profile that consists of the.ost file you want to scan. In case you are prompted to Connect or Work Offline, then you need to click on ‘Connect’.

    Integrity Check Repair Tool

  • You require selecting the options you wish to have. For having the tool automatically resolve issues it finds during the scan, you need to select the ‘Repair Errors’ check box. In case this check box is cleared, the tool will log the problems, but the thing is that they will not make the necessary corrections.
  • You need to click on ‘Begin Scan’. For viewing the scan log, launch Microsoft Outlook, and then you need to open the ‘Deleted Items’ folder. Another thing is that the tool does not scan the Deleted Items folder. Any problems that you are facing with the email client will then be noted in a message with the subject OST Integrity Check.

Hope this should work and provide the necessary Outlook repair.

Email Configuration For Outlook

Outlook Email Setup

Microsoft Outlook is arguably the very best email management software developed by the software maker, Microsoft Corporation. With multiple email accounts feature, users are able to keep all their mails at one place. Here are the Outlook email setup instructions.

  • Find Outlook 2013 by searching for it and narrowing it down by Apps.
  • You will be welcomed by the app and asked whether to add an account. If this not your first time setting up Outlook, scroll down to the Not First Time Setup note.
  • Click on the ‘Next’ button.
  • After selecting Yes, you need to click on Next.
  • In the next step, you will see a screen pop up asking for you to type your name, email, and password. You will see an option for ‘Manual setup or Additional Server types’
  • You select this manual setup method and click on Next.
  • You will see that Add Account screen appears. In the Microsoft Exchange Server, you need to click on the ‘Next’ button.
  • When instructed for Server type, enter server type for your email and for username, enter your email id. Hit Next, you will be prompted to reboot Outlook, click on the ‘OK’ button.
  • Then, in the username field, you are required to type in email id. In the password field, log in with your account password.
  • Then, click the OK button. Outlook will then configure your email address.
  • Then, you need to click on ‘Finish’ for logging view your mailbox in Outlook.
  • Then, Outlook needs to configure your mailbox but your email, calendar, and other contacts that might not be ready.

In case you had other account setup before the wizard opened, you need to get to the email configuration. You would have to do the following things. First, you need to locate ‘Mail Setting’.

Microsoft Outlook

In Windows 8, you will be able to search for email in the ‘Settings’ category. On other Windows versions, you can go to ‘Control Panel’ and then select the Mail icon.

Thereafter, you need to setup E-mail Accounts. For this, you need to click on E-mail Accounts button. After that, go to ‘New E-mail Accounts’. Finally, you need to click on the ‘New’ button. In the Account Configuration screen that appears you can continue with the normal set up.

Hope these Outlook email setup instructions were helpful.

Procedure To Add Email To Outlook Express

Outlook Express Help

Microsoft Outlook Express, now known as Windows Mail is an email and newsgroup client available in all Windows Operating Systems until XP. It is possible for you to use Outlook Express as a way to check your email from any account and you can do it by setting up an account in the email client in your system. Apart from that, users are able to configure multiple email accounts on the email client.

All you need is your system and the information about your email accounts. Depending on the account type, what you require to know that this information will differ slightly. Again, this can be obtained easily from the email account provider. Here are the Outlook Express help instructions to help you:


  • First, you need to open or launch Microsoft Outlook Express and then you need to locate the ‘Tools’ menu from the top. After that, you need to select Accounts. Then you need to select ‘Add’ button. At last, you need to select the ‘Mail’ button.
  • Thereafter, you need to type the name you wish to appear on all outgoing mail on the next screen, and then choose the Next button.
  • You need to enter email address into the next screen and after that click on ‘Next’.
  • Then, you need to choose your email server type from the drop down menu. You need to know that POP3 is probably the most common. It is also a known fact that HTTP is often used for web based email servers. If that is not the case, you can choose IMAP, if you have another remote email access server that is not POP3. If you want to be certain, you need to check with your email service provider for the type of server it is using.

    Microsoft Outlook Express

  • Then below the drop down menu, for choosing the server, you need to enter in the server details for incoming mail and outgoing mail servers. After that, you need to click on the ‘Next’ button.
  • Then, you need to key in email account login information on the next page, and when you click on the ‘Next’ button, you can then choose to click on the ‘Finish’ button and you are finished with the installation.

You can repeat the above steps in case you wish to add more email accounts. We hope this Outlook Express help instructions were useful.

Common Outlook Express Issues And Their Solutions

Outlook Express Help

There can be many issues related to the Outlook Express program. Some of the most common ones and their possible fixes are discussed below in this article.

Sluggish Performance

The slow performance of the Outlook program can be very much annoying. The application may take a long time to load and this can be especially annoying if you need to do something urgent in the program. This issue can happen when the Outlook program and the Microsoft messenger program are running at the same time.

As this problem is a simple one, the solution is also simple. You just need to go to the Tools menu and then find the Options sub-menu. Check and verify if the option to automatically sign into the Windows Messenger program is selected. If it is selected, you will need to uncheck the option and then see if the performance of the Outlook program has changed.

Not Receiving Email Messages

The first thing that you need to do is to verify if you are able to send email messages, but unable to get them. If this is the case, your domain should be full and you must be running out of storage space. This means that you must be having many email messages, stored in your sent items, inbox or any other folders.

The best possible solution to this issue is to delete the unwanted email messages to increase the available space. After freeing up the space, you will start to receive the email messages again.

Outlook Errors

Error 0x800420CB

This is a much common one among all the Outlook errors. This error disables you from opening email messages and the error is usually caused by the presence of corrupt .dbx files. These files are necessary for the proper functioning of the Outlook program.

To solve the error, you will need to go to Tools, select Accounts, select Mail tab and then check Duplicate Mail Account. As the last step, you will need to choose the Remove option. You should continue these steps until all the duplicate email messages are deleted. If this step does not fix the issue, you can make use of the Search application and then look for the Outbox.dbx file. After locating the file, you will need to rename it.

These are some of the most common Outlook Express issues as reported to the Outlook Express help team. For further assistance, you may contact the Outlook Express help and support team.

Procedure To Repair And Re-Install Outlook 2003, 2007 Or 2010

Outlook Repair

Microsoft Outlook is the most heavily used email client in the entire world. There are many features available in it making it one of the best ways to enhance the emailing experience and user convenience when it comes to business and personal communications. Though it is the best software around, it can have issues, like any other software product. These issues can affect the productivity of organizations. Users need to do Outlook repair as soon as possible so that the business processes are not affected.

For Outlook repair, sometimes Outlook may need to be re-installed or repaired in order to resolve certain issues concerning it. The issue may have started after upgrading Microsoft Outlook, installing add-ins, or some other possible changes on your computer system. For repairing the Outlook installation, you need to follow these steps.

Outlook 2013

  • First, you need to open up the Control Panel from your computer (and then show All Control Panel items, in case it is necessary) and then you need to click on Programs and Features. Locate Office 2013 in the list and then highlight it.
  • You can click on Change.
  • After that, you need to select Repair and the Continue and then follow the prompts.
  • When the repair is done, you can try the sync again.

Outlook 2010

  • Here, you need to open the Control Panel on your computer (and display All Control Panel items, if necessary) and then click on Programs and Features.
  • Locate Office 2010 in the list and then highlight it.
  • Then you need to click on Change.
  • After that, you need to select Repair and Continue and then follow the prompts.
  • Then once the repair is done, you can try the synchronization again.

Outlook 2007

  • Launch Outlook 2007.
  • Then, from the Help menu, you need to click Office Diagnostics.
  • After that, click Continue, and then Start Diagnostics.

    Outlook Installation

Outlook 2003

  • Launch Control Panel. You access it by going to Start, Settings and then select Control Panel.
  • After that, you need to select Add or Remove Programs.
  • Choose Microsoft Office or Outlook and click on the Change button.
  • Then, you need to select the Reinstall or Repair button, and then click on the Next button.
  • You can select Detect and Repair.
  • Finally, you can click on Install and follow the prompts given by the repair tool.

This should fix the Outlook problems that you were facing in the email client. Contact our tech support desk for any further assistance.

How To Remove Filters And View Emails In Outlook

Outlook Repair

Email clients help you to manage your internet email accounts with ease. Outlook is one of the numerous email clients available today. Sometimes, when you use the Outlook program, you might encounter some troubles. One of the issues that you might encounter is that you may not be able to view the emails even after they are downloaded to the program. Now, this is a minor issue and you do not have to carry out an Outlook repair to fix it. The reason for this trouble is the filters applied in the program. In this post, we will find out how to change the settings in the program and make these emails visible.

Steps Involved

  • Choose the button Start and click All Programs. Choose the option Microsoft Outlook and this will run Microsoft Outlook program. Select the button Send/Receive All Folders, which is found under the Home tab. This will download or retrieve all email messages from the email server to the program.
  • Click the tab View and then choose the option View Settings, which is found under the section Current View.
  • Choose the button Filter and this will open the window for Filter. Choose the option Clear All and this will remove all filters applied in the program.
  • Select the option OK and this will close the Filter window.
  • Choose the button OK again and this will apply the settings.
  • Select the X icon and close the Advanced View Settings window.

    Outlook 2013

The above steps will display all emails in their respective folders. However, if still you are unable to view emails, the Filter Email feature could be the culprit. In order to remove this feature, select the X icon on the Instant Search box. This feature is present above the list of emails. With this, all emails will be displayed in their respective folders.

Keep in mind that Outlook 2013 offers you different types of filters. One of the methods is that you can apply filters to individual folders in the program. If you have applied the filters in this form, you will have to remove each filter manually to fix the trouble.

We hope that the above steps have helped you to fix the email display issues in Outlook program. If you have any queries or problems related to Outlook or need to carry out an Outlook repair, you may contact our technical support team for assistance.

Synchronize Outlook Express With Gmail

Outlook Express Help

If you need to setup the Outlook Express program with your Gmail account, you can follow the steps that are discussed below. The Outlook Express help tips shard below explains the steps to be followed to setup Outlook Express with Gmail.


  • Open the Outlook Express program and then choose Tools. From Tools, you can select Accounts.
  • A window will be opened. In the window that is opened, choose the Add button and then select Mail.
  • The wizard will be opened and it will ask you to enter your name. This is the name that will be displayed as the From name when others get email messages from you. You can then click on the Next button to continue.
  • The next step is to type in your email address. Into the box, you can enter the Gmail address. The address will be in the form of and the username will be the actual username that is used to log into Gmail program. In this example, we make use of john.smith as the username.
  • Now the Outlook Express program will ask you to enter the SMTP and POP3 servers. You will need to type in if you are making use of POP3 server and if you are using SMTP, you will need to type in
  • Type in your email id as the Account name and password. You may also type in the username without, but Setup Outlook Express

    it will be better if you can type in the full email id. Ensure that the Remember password box is checked, so that you need not type in the password each time you try to log into Gmail.

  • You can then press the Next button and the wizard will finish the process. You can then press the Finish button to complete the steps.
  • You will be taken back to the Internet Accounts window. Ensure that the new account that you made in the above steps is selected. If it is not, you need to click on it to select it. You will then need to choose Properties that is located on the right side.
  • Select the Servers tab and ensure that My server requires authentication

Know How To Send A Request To View A Calendar In Outlook

Outlook Email Setup

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most advanced email applications because of the fact that it comprises of a set of interesting features. Some of the options such as the calendar enable the customers to set reminders for specific and important dates in their lives. Another feature of MS Outlook is that it helps in the storage of personal and contact information of the users in specific files and folders.

An option in the Outlook email setup also allows the users to view the calendar information of their contacts. If a user that you want to collaborate with hasn’t yet shared his calendar information with you, you can send a request to the person through Outlook.

To know how to send request for viewing calendar information in the Outlook email setup, you can use the instructions mentioned below.

  • In the first step, you need to open Microsoft Outlook in your system and then sign in to your email account. Now, you need to click on the Calendar option, which you can find at the bottom of the page to display your Outlook calendar and related options.
  • Next, you need to choose the Home tab followed by Open Calendar from the Manage Calendars group. Now, you need to click on the Open Shared Calendar option, by accessing the same from the drop-down list that opens in the application.

    MS Outlook

  • You need to enter the name of the person whose calendar you want to view in the input box and once you’ve typed in, click on OK. You can also opt to click on the Name button and then choose the name of the specific contact from the Global Address Book. Once you’ve selected the contact, click on Go in order to locate the person and then click on OK.
  • Wait to get a prompt on your computer screen and once you get it, click on Yes in order to send a view request to the person whose calendar you want to view. There’s also an option to enter any additional notes and this includes the reason for wanting to view the calendar, in the body of the email and then click on Send.

By following this set of simple instructions, you can successfully send a request in Microsoft Outlook to a specific contact to view his/her calendar information. To get more assistance on the same, you may also contact our tech support team.

Steps To Remove Google Toolbar From Your Browser

Remove Google Toolbar

Browser toolbars are mostly used to enhance the productivity and improve the convenience of users to search for items or keywords in the internet for various purposes. There are some browser toolbars that are used for a variety of purposes due to the number of features offered. Some toolbars are really useful because of the many beneficial features they provide. At the same time, there are many annoying ones that are more of a liability than an asset for the users. The main reason for these toolbars to be so irritating is because of the fact that they are installed without the users being completely aware of it. Being bundled as part of some software the user intended to use, the toolbar company misuses the user’s inattention to have the toolbar installed in the user’s system.

There are many useful toolbars such as Google toolbar, Yahoo toolbar and some others. Google toolbar is one of the best and highly useful toolbars developed by the search giant Google. However, not every one may need it. Some may feel that the toolbar occupies unnecessary browser screen space. So, you may need to remove Google toolbar. Here is how you can remove Google toolbar from your browser.

First Step: First, you need to click the arrow that is immediately next to the small wrench icon located at the upper right corner of the Google Toolbar.

Second Step: Now, you need to select Uninstall. This can be done from the pull-down menu that is displayed.

Make The Toolbar Inactive

Third step: After that, you need to click on the OK button in response to the box that appears with the question, “Are you sure you want to uninstall the Google Toolbar?”

Fourth step: In this step, you need to click on the Close button and then restart your browser. You will be able to see that the browser will no longer be displaying the Google Toolbar.

Fifth step: There is another way to make the toolbar inactive. You can just disable the Google Toolbar in Internet Explorer and need not uninstall it. For that, you need to click on Tools located to the upper left, and then Manage Add-Ons. Thereafter, you need to click on Enable or Disable Add-Ons to launch a dialog box. Then, you need to deselect Google Toolbar for removing the toolbar from your browser.

This way, you can remove the Google toolbar from the browser in a jiffy. Contact our tech support desk for any further assistance.

Fixing 0x800ccc0d Error In Outlook

Outlook Repair

Like any other computer program, the Outlook program from Microsoft can also encounter many errors. This article discusses the x800ccc0d Outlook Connection error. This is one of the most common Outlook errors and the steps to get rid of the same are explained below in this article. The error show a notification message saying,

The server could not be found. (Account:account name, POPserver:’mail’, Error Number: 0x800ccc0d).

No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.

One of the most common causes of this error is the way in which your computer accesses the Internet. This error will be usually caused if Windows is having some issues in the settings that are preventing the Outlook program from accessing the Internet or the computer might be having some Firewall programs or software issues that are preventing the Internet connection. This error can also be caused due to some conflicting programs that are preventing the Outlook program from loading.

To resolve the issue, you will need to make sure that your Internet connection is working without any issues, and there are no potential registry errors in your computer that is preventing the Outlook program from loading successfully. The first thing that you will need to do is to repair the issues with your Internet connection. As the Outlook program tries to connect to the Internet to download the email messages, the software issues in the computer will prevent Outlook program from connecting to the Internet.

Outlook Troubleshooting

The second thing that you will need to do is to make use of a registry cleaner to scan your PC and fix the issues that may result in 0x800ccc0d error. In most of the cases, errors in Windows registry may lead to this error as the computer will be trying to read files from the Windows registry. Errors in registry can make Outlook repair very difficult. This is the reason why it is recommended to clean Windows registry frequently with the help of a registry cleaner program.

These are some of the Outlook repair suggestions that you can follow to get rid of the x800ccc0d Outlook Connection error. There are also many third party registry cleaners and Outlook troubleshooting tools that can help you get rid of the error. If you wish to know more on such Outlook tools, you can contact our help and support team for apt assistance.